There has been a surge in demand for homes in rural locations, as more people look to move out of dense urban areas. Homebuyers still want to be close to the city, but have a desire for more space – with generous gardens, spacious interiors and a dedicated space to work remotely. The well-connected rural locations in and around Hampshire are becoming increasingly popular destinations.

Today, new homes represent some of the best opportunities for buyers, with government incentives like Help to Buy and the Stamp Duty holiday making new homes an extremely attractive proposition.

It’s no surprise that new homes in rural locations have become very popular indeed – but there’s even more to gain when you buy new in the countryside.


Rural living is worlds apart from the daily hustle and bustle of city life. Winding roads and beautiful misty mornings replace traffic jams and murky Underground stations. The tranquility and open space of the countryside slows life down to a more enjoyable speed, but that’s not to say life out here is boring!

Rural locations give you more time to enjoy the world around you, to connect with nature and with your local community. Adventure awaits around every corner – and even when you think you’ve seen it all, nature will find a way to surprise you.

Local shops and pubs are a far cry from the chains you’ll find in city centres, where seasonal variety goes hand in hand with locally produced food and goods. The locations we build in are just a short drive or walk from the conveniences you’ll love and use most often – with great access to places further afield when you need it.

When Bargate chooses land to buy for our new homes in Hampshire, we consider travel, community and the rural experience in depth. Buying a new home in a rural location can still make commuting or a trip into town easy, thanks to considered placement in relation to road and rail networks. It means that our customers get the benefits of accessing the city without sacrificing the perks of life in the countryside.

And then there’s the homes themselves.


While a rustic cottage in the countryside might seem like a dream come true to some, others will turn their thoughts to the upkeep and maintenance of an older building. Leaks and cracks aren’t welcome at any time – but they’re especially unwelcome when you’re balancing a busy schedule with moving house.

The rustic charm soon wears thin after dealing with an old broken down boiler, rattly single glazed windows and temperamental electrics!

But can a new build home really compare?

We believe that a new home should have the latest features and comforts – like a utility area, en-suite bathrooms and the latest premium kitchen appliances – but it should also feel warm and inviting; ready for life and built to last.

It should feel as timeless and charming as the archetypal country cottage, with a design that echoes through the ages. That’s why we build our homes in a style that matches their local area, with classic architectural features.

It really is the best of both worlds; modern design with classic styling, in a beautiful location. That’s the Bargate way. We care.

There’s additional flexibility with financing and managing the property chain when you buy new, too – meaning your move to the country could be easier than you’d thought.


With Help to Buy for new homes and the Stamp Duty holiday in effect until the 31st of March 2021, now’s a great time to buy a new home.

We’re also offering Bargate Exchange on selected properties – letting you part exchange your current property for a dream rural home. We’ll help you to free yourself from the chain, and make your move to the country as seamless and stress-free as possible. No wonder customers have chosen Bargate to deliver their dream home.

Interested? Talk to us about your next move.