Only one in 10 people believe a new house feels like home immediately, according to new research.
A survey of 2,000 British adults conducted for Aviva Insurance discovered that nearly three quarters of people felt they would have to live at a new address for at least two months, before it felt like their own home.
And when they were asked what contributed to making a house feel like a home the respondents said ‘the people in it’, followed by furniture, location and pets.
It’s a sentiment well understood by Bargate Homes – we only build our homes in the very best locations; whether it’s conveniently in the centre of a city, like The Old Fire Station in Winchester, or a village, such as Dunsell’s Stone in Ropley.
We also do everything we can to ensure your house feels like a home before you arrive. Clever, well thought out kitchens with high quality appliances, stylish bathrooms, intuitive layouts and practical flooring all combine to provide the perfect backdrop for you to transform your new house into your home.