As a local, family owned, company we are always keen to lend support where we can in the local community. We are particular keen to support local youngsters in their endeavours, after all they are our future.
One of our particular favourites is having students to join us for work experience. We were therefore delighted when Chloe Burdon, 15, from the nearby Swanmore College was with us for an entire week in July. Chloe immediately “mucked in” spending taster sessions in many of our departments including Sales and Marketing, Commercial, Technical and Construction. When asked which was her favourite she was so taken with so much of what she’d done she found it hard to choose but we knew deep down Sales and Marketing was the favourite – it always is!

Chloe is keen to spend more time with us when the opportunity arises so who knows perhaps Chloe is a home builder of the future?