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Bargate Homes is committed to ensuring the products, services, and information we deliver meets and exceeds the requirements throughout the process of purchasing and owning a Bargate home. As such we pledge to each and every customer the following charter of service.

  • We will endeavour to ensure that all Marketing Brochures and specifications are clear and concise.
  • We will Provide copies of the, consumer code when requested.
  • We will ensure that our sales advisors are trained and knowledgeable in our products and services.
  • We will ensure that you are fully informed of site safety during any visit.
  • We will provide you with sufficient detailed information for you to make an informed decision regarding the purchase of your home including details of variations and extras available to you.
  • We will ensure that your home is fully demonstrated to you prior to handover.
  • We will ensure that a full quality inspection is undertaken by our Quality Control Manager and a Director of Bargate Homes.
  • We will provide you with a new homes folder that gives you informative advice on your new home.
  • We will provide you with the Warranty provider certificate for your home.
  • We will endeavour to attend to resolve any defects within 28 days of being reported

" We just don’t design homes on what’s easy to build. Instead, we carefully consider how people live in their home – how they will live their lives and what’s important to them. "

Rachel Davies - Design and Development Director

Reporting an issue:

There may, however, be an occasion where you feel that your expectations have not been met.  In this event, we will look to resolve any issues as quickly and conveniently as possible. We are committed to fast and efficient service and therefore we will endeavour to deal with any items identified by us within 28 days.

Reporting an issue to Bargate Homes is simple, please call or email us on the details below.

Customer Care
02380 602255

In the unlikely event that you have an emergency within your home please contact the customer care department on 02380 602255. Should an Emergency happen outside office hours please refer to the front of your blue handover file where relevant numbers can be found.

Informal complaints

If you have not received the service that you would expect, or that things are not being dealt with to your satisfaction, then, please contact our customer care department on and they will respond to your concerns within 48 hours and arrange a visit with our Customer Experience Manager.

Formal complaints

We have a robust process to ensure that your complaint is properly investigated and followed up. To raise a complaint please email

The following timescales are adhered to.

We will acknowledge all complaints within 5 calendar days of the complaint initiation date*.

We will investigate your concerns and send a response which details our proposed pathway to resolution within 10 calendar days of the complaint initiation date*. This will explain how we plan to resolve the issue, along with the steps and anticipated timescales.

We will send a full complaint assessment response by no later than 30 calendar days. If the complaint has been resolved, this will confirm what steps were taken.  In the event that the resolution is still underway, the response will detail what has caused the delay, and the anticipated date for resolution.

In the very unlikely event that the complaint remains unresolved after 56 calendar days of the complaint initiation date*, we will send a further response to provide information on what has caused the delay, what are the next steps and the anticipated date for resolution. 

We will also keep you updated no less than every 30 days until the matter is resolved.

We hope we can resolve most matters without the need for further escalation. However, if your complaint is not resolved in accordance with this procedure, or you remain dissatisfied with the outcome, then you may be able to refer your complaint to any dispute resolution service offered by your warranty provider, or the New Homes Ombudsman Service.

*The complaints initiation date (CID) is the first working day after a complaint is received. Thus, if a complaint is received on a Monday, the CID is the following Tuesday.  If a complaint is received on a Saturday, the CID will be the following Monday (excluding public holidays).