If you’re looking to refresh your interior to make the most out of your special space during the summer months, it needn’t mean a complete overhaul that’s intensive on your time and intensive on your wallet. There are loads of simple changes you can make to breathe new life into a tired interior that won’t cost the earth, so we’ve compiled a few of our favourites to help get you started…
LIGHT UP YOUR LIFEThe lighting of a room has a major impact on the way it feels – experiment with blinds and curtains of different colours, materials and weights, to maximise the natural light entering a room, and if you find windows are a premium, tactically placed lamps and spot lights can be capable substitutes. Remember – lights and bulbs come in a number of variations: soft bulbs, LEDs and many more, meaning experimentation is essential to obtain that perfect mood.
GET THE RIGHT FEELYou’d be forgiven for wanting all of your soft furnishings and accessories to follow a similar theme, they say ‘consistency is king’ after all, but to break away from this can quickly and easily put a new spin on your home’s interior – try experimenting with different textures and patterns, to freshen things up.
Also, make sure your textures complement the season – put away those chunky knits and fur throws and break out the linens, dust off those pastel cushions to get the summer vibes flowing.
LIVE IN COLOURYou don’t necessarily need to break out the paintbrushes in order to switch colours up (though you obviously can, if you want to!), simply replacing cushions and soft furnishings that complement your décor can make a noticeable difference to the ambience of a room.
It goes further, too: buy flowers to give an airy, natural vibe to the room, or invest in a rug or piece of artwork to help revitalise the space. Pastel shades are a traditional favourite for the summer months but experimenting with more vibrant shades can also yield uplifting results.
TRUST YOUR NOSEThis might be an obvious one, but the warmer months bring with them a literal bouquet of unique aromas – try to keep windows open and let the fresh air in as much as possible – the smell of a room contributes greatly to its sense of atmosphere. Add to this the array of diffusers, candles and oils available on every high street and you can create scents to make your summer.
The great indoorsFinally, there are more natural ways to bring your interiors to life, with an abundance of sweet smelling and visually appealing things waiting quite literally outside the back door. If your garden is in bloom these summer months, consider bringing flowers or plants inside, and take advantage of their unique properties to give your rooms a fresh feel.
What’s more, by bringing items home from your favourite adventures further afield, there’s limitless possibilities to the creativity you can apply inside the home.