With a distinctly autumnal smell in the air thoughts are now turning to hunkering down for the winter and making our homes feel cosy and warm.
But how exactly do we do that? We asked our interior designers at Inhouse, who dress our homes across the region, what the latest interior trends are to give our homes a winter facelift.
It’s all about luxurious textures and finishes this season with trends moving away from the glitzy, sparkly mirrors and lamps into more simple, traditional designs.
Textured materials appealing to our sense of touch and which bring the outdoors in are a real tick in the box when winter hits and expect to see products true to their natural beginnings whilst creating a cosy and luxurious environment.
Warm metals are also making an appearance as we move into the colder months with some homes embracing almost entirely the copper look, while others going for smaller decorative touches with gold and rose gold-coloured finishes. Beautiful rich fabrics work well with these metallic colours especially matched with dark wood furniture.
These days design has become much more flexible with no rules on mixing styles and furniture from different eras. Distressed antique dressing tables for example are still a popular must have and they sit comfortably next to modern lines. So don’t be afraid to mix and match.
Another trend top of the agenda, alongside touchable textures, is a nod to our friends across the channel. French designs will dominate this autumn and winter’s interiors with faded furniture, wrought iron shelving and vintage baskets becoming strong looks to replicate well into next year. Hand-drawn, embroidered or textured fabrics will be brought into the equation to soften designs.
Whether you’re a classic antique lover or like to push the boundaries of interior design, there’s something out there for everyone.
So crank up the heating, pile on the cushions, snuggle under soft throws and get ready to hibernate in luxury.