With spring seeming to have finally ‘sprung’ this past week, we’ve got our fingers crossed for some prolonged gorgeous weather in the weeks and months ahead. With some of the best countryside in the UK to enjoy right on the doorstep, you’d be forgiven for forgetting about the joys to be had in your own gardens during the summer months. With this in mind, here’s a few top tips to help you make the most of your ‘happy space’ this summer…
Lots of watering – you might think a classic ‘British summer’ would provide all the watering your garden could possibly need, but keeping your lawns and beds hydrated is critical, even between summer showers. A good soaking at least once a week (or twice, if you have time) will draw plant roots deeper into the soil, providing essential nutrients. For hanging baskets and containers, you should be looking at a good drenching once each day, and twice if it’s a particularly hot one.
Mow regularly – this might sound like an obvious one, but in times of summer growth your grass should get a cut at least once a week. The more frequently you mow, the easier it becomes, and the better your lawn will look, compared to hacking down longer grass only occasionally. If adding your grass cuttings to compost, be sure to sprinkle them evenly, as dumping a huge mound on top can ruin the product underneath.
Punish those pests – warmer weather will inevitably bring with it those annoying bugs and pests. Among the most dangerous to your plants are greenfly and blackfly, who both love the summer months and will happily munch away at your precious flora. Be sure to consult your local garden centre for the best remedies and keep them in stock, and keep a close eye out in case any infestations arise.
Embrace the birds – you’d be forgiven for thinking the summer months are the best time of year for birds to find food, but harder ground due to hot weather actually makes it more difficult, so keep a fair-sized bird feeder hung up just to help them out. Remember, the presence of birds makes for a great pest deterrent, as well as providing a soothing birdsong for those lazy warm afternoons.
Protect your produce – for those looking to grow their own crops, the summer months can be dangerous if close attention isn’t paid to flourishing fruit and vegetables. Regular watering and picking is essential, and if you’re using a greenhouse remember they can get extremely hot, so you must protect vegetables with shading on hot days. Another great tip is to spray the floor of your greenhouse with water – this will create a lovely humid atmosphere that your plants will thrive in – but be careful, don’t water the floor at night, as this can cause disease and attract the pests you’re working so hard to keep away.
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