For many of us our gardens have become an outdoor room, a place to relax and unwind. We want somewhere we can cook, eat, snooze and enjoy the experience of being outside, but with all the comfort and convenience we expect from our indoor spaces. Creating the right ambience is vital – a family with young children will want completely different facilities to a retired couple.  And it’s also important to consider the longevity of your outdoor suite or dining table. If you get something too fashionable, will it still look contemporary in five years’ time? Will the furniture be outside all year round? Or will you store it over winter? Will you want to keep running out to remove the cushions from your seating every time it rains or will you pay extra for waterproof furnishings? Given that you can now buy rugs and cushions for outdoor use, as well as outdoor clocks, the opportunity to accessorise is irresistible! Will you need a rain cover? A parasol or sail to keep the sun off? A patio heater for cooler nights? Another thing to consider is the lighting and planting. For smaller spaces go for low-maintenance, structural plants, such as clipped box or agapanthus in containers. Place them in front of low-level lighting for added impact at night. Whatever you decide, you’ll have the confidence of knowing that your Bargate home garden has been finished, like the house itself, to a high standard. All you need to do is enjoy putting your stamp on it.