We have lovely weather here in Hampshire, but it wouldn’t be home if we didn’t get a bit of rain on occasion. With this lovely, hot summer we’ve had, the rain is a welcome respite from the heat. There’s so much to see and do outside but what about all the things you can do inside?

Bakers at the ready

There’s nothing better than baking with the family when it’s raining outside. It’s a science experiment you get to eat! Whether you love a good cake, have a biscuit recipe that’s been in your family for generations or love to try new things, it’s time to get out the scales and get your bake on. Your kitchen pantry makes baking a breeze and you’ll love spending time in the kitchen with the children. To help you get started we’ve got a recipe for our favourite brownies from Lorraine Pascale. These brownies are extra special because they have Oreos in the mixture, and who doesn’t love an Oreo?

Break out the board games

We don’t know about you, but when the weather is less than stellar we love a good board game. Not to be confused with a ‘bored’ game, those ones that are supposed to be fun… but never are. Every family is different so the difference between a board game and a ‘bored’ game will vary. Does your family break out the games on the table or do you all sit around and enjoy your living room? A couple of our kid friendly favourites are: Uno, Speak Out, Taboo, and Mouse Trap!

Get crafty with it

If you don’t want everyone stuck in front of the TV all day, you can always get some craft projects on the go. They don’t have to be expensive either! Salt dough is a great activity. Who doesn’t have salt and flour at home? Mix 225g of plain flour, with 125g of salt and 125g of water. It’s that simple. You can make ornaments, sculptures and more. All you need is a bit of paint (and maybe glitter?) to decorate them when they’re dry. Of course, we can’t forget to mention slime, every child’s favourite activity, still going strong after all these months! You can find recipes with and without borax, rainbow slime, glitter slime and mermaid slime. Who knew slime would have such staying power?

A few other honourable mentions are building an indoor fort, visiting a local museum, and watching movies or a tv show as a family. Rainy weather is no excuse to scrap a family day.

Next week we’ll be out in the forest with ‘Hampshire under the canopy’ and we’ve got a couple of great places for you to check out!

If you’re looking for a day by the sea, we’ve got you covered. ‘Hampshire by the shore’ will help you find your next visit to the shore.