As part of our very successful Allbrook Meadow development we are very proud to have donated over 11 acres of open space to the Allbrook and North Boyatt Wood Parish Council. The open space is accessed from Pitmore Road via a fine oak lych-gate with rustic benches either side featuring an otter on one and a fox on the other. There is a well-equipped play area on the far side of the area for young children. In addition residents have arranged for a commemorative bench to be installed and there is an impressive stone water trough the history of which goes back beyond the first world war when it was located on the junction of Pitmore Road and Allbrook Hill near the still existing Allbrook Farmhouse. The 11 acres is very much a community facility, an area for children to play and explore, dog walkers to exercise their four legged friends and families to picnic. To mark the opening of the area an event was held on Thursday 31st August and we were honoured to have the Mayor of Eastleigh, Mrs Maureen Sollitt in her capacity as Chair of the Allbrook and North Boyatt Wood Parish Council together with Mr Keith House leader of the Eastleigh Borough Council cut a ribbon to mark the event.