Finding THE home for you and your family can be an arduous process. Every family member has a list of what they want in your new home, and sometimes those wants are at odds with each other. What’s a family to do? That’s where we’d like to help. We’ve put together the five elements you’re likely to want in your next family home.


Whether you’re looking for open plan living or a more traditional style home, space is always at a premium. You want to find the home that utilises space in the way you need it to. Is there enough storage for linens and seasonal items? Do you prefer closets and built-in wardrobes to freestanding ones? What’s the back garden like? The way a home is laid out and how the space is used is the most important aspect that will make a house your home.


Where your children are going to get their education is key. We all want what’s best for them and doing a little research before you move can help.- How will they get there? Can they walk or do you need to drive?- Do the schools make it easy to find their Ofsted ratings? Is it in a navigation bar or do you have to search?- What do other parents say about the school? Are they positive or do they have complaints?

These three questions can help you make the right decision for your family.


As you walk in the door, you want to feel a sense of welcome and well-being. You want your home to be an escape from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. There’s a homey feel ready to be made all your own with personal touches, just like icing on a cake. There’s daylight adding warmth to the walls, nothing feels cramped and too small already. If you’ve got niggling feelings now, can you imagine how you’ll feel after you move in?


It’s the little things, all the small additions that make life just a little bit easier. Like a pantry off the kitchen to make cooking a family meal quick and easy and a utility room to hold all those muddy wellies and dripping coats. It’s heated towel rails and half height tiling in the bathrooms, the satellite wiring to the living room, all the things you don’t have to add or plan to take care of after you move in. Whether you’re looking for a new build or second-hand property, will it tick all your boxes or will you have to compromise?


There’s a comfort in knowing that your new home is secure and within a great neighbourhood. You want to feel comfortable parking your car after a day in the office or after an errand or school run. It’s the carbon monoxide detector next to the boiler, the smoke alarms connected to the mains, the double-glazed windows and solid doors. All of these things really add up.

There you have it: space, schooling, comfort, ease, and security. The five elements that are needed to create your perfect family home.

Are you ready to find your ideal home?

Click the link below to see the specifications on a Bargate home. Let’s see if we tick all of your boxes.