At Bargate, we specialise in new build homes Hampshire, West Sussex and surrounding areas, where we strive to create the best new build homes available on the market today. For first time buyers, buying a new build home comes with plenty of advantages over buying second hand – and we’ve put together some thoughts on why we agree that it could be the best move for a first home.


We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with buying a second hand home – it’s absolutely the right move for some people – but it comes with a few added stresses that are avoided when buying a new build home.

For example – surveys can pick up a lot, but they’re not foolproof. Even the best-preserved second hand home can suffer a costly fault to a key area, or have dormant underlying issues.

Even if there’s nothing major to fix in a second hand property purchase, the chances are that there’s going to be maintenance to take care of from day one – before you can even think about decorating or renovating. While some first time buyers will enjoy taking on a home as a project, not everyone has the time or funds available. 


One of the biggest advantages to buying new build homes is that there’s no chain. If you’re currently renting, you could cut your losses on paying rent far sooner than if you were waiting for the chain to move forward on a second hand property. This makes new build homes even more attractive to first time buyers living in rented accommodation.

Plus, there’s no need to renovate – all you have to do is decorate and fill your home with the things (and people!) that you love. Not only do you get a fresh, blank canvas when you buy new, you also get the latest technology. All Bargate homes are built to exceed current building standards, which means that your new home will be extremely efficient – with lower running costs than the average second hand property. We also specify premium integrated kitchen appliances; and that’s a rare find in second hand properties, especially at the price points suited to the majority of first time buyers.

The added extras help make buying your first home a little less stressful and a whole lot more enjoyable. But there’s even more to gain when you buy new.


Buying new build homes is more accessible than ever. Help to Buy applies to new build homes only, and with the Stamp Duty holiday in effect until the 31st of March 2021, you could find that buying your first home is easier than you’d thought.

Interested in finding new build homes, Hampshire? Talk to us about your next move – and discover our incredible range of stylish new build homes.