Set on the pastoral fringe of the village of Ropley, Dunsell’s Stone offers the best of both worlds: a wonderful Hampshire countryside retreat, far from the hustle and bustle, but also with good transport links throughout Hampshire, to London and beyond.
So where does Dunsell’s Stone take its name from?  The ancient village of Ropley has a long agricultural history, with early residents quarrying chalk for agriculture. Noted also for its fine flowers and soil suitable for horticulture meant there was also a flourishing bee keeping industry. Honey was used to produce mead in Saxon and Medieval times; even William the Conqueror is rumoured to have sourced his honey from Ropley*.
In the early 1800s, a debate began among farmers as to who owned the best team of wagon horses. They decided to put them to the test and a challenge was born; whichever team could pull a stone from Bridgestone Lane the quickest would be crowned the winner.
Setting off in the early morning together, the teams finishing first and second brought their stones home as a symbol of their success – accompanied by the bright sound of horses’ bells. One of those stones can still be found today on the corner of Dunsell’s Lane, giving Dunsell’s Stone its name.

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