As we bid a fond farewell to another of our “pretty as a picture” schemes we can stand proudly back and reflect on the beautiful homes we’ve created for our customers. As usual the site wasn’t without it challenges but each was taken on, overcome and the end result, without doubt, makes it all worthwhile.

The full marketing name of the scheme was Dunsell’s Stone and it’s worth recounting, one more time, how we arrived at the name. Legend has it that two local farmers held a competition to decide which had the stronger horse. The competition was simple, which ever horse could pull the stone the furthest would be the winner. The stone was still in the corner of the site but history didn’t record who won. It maybe something of an urban myth but a nice story all the same.

Dunsell’s Stone in Ropley followed no less than four very successful schemes we’ve produced over the years in nearby Four Marks. We are thrilled that our association with the area will continue as we are to shortly start a 51 home scheme off Beechlands Rise in Medstead. The development is to be known as Ashwood and you can register your interest by visiting the “Find Your Home” section of our website.