“I just think that it’s so important to have a good site manager that looks after the neighbours, because in a situation like this it can make or break relationships between the contractors and the neighbours. There are quite a few homes surrounding this site and Dave (Bargate Homes site manager) has really done us proud. We returned from caravanning and they’ve built us a new wall and archway. The only thing I would like now is a big window in our lounge wall so we can still see what’s going on.It’s been interesting having breakfast and watching the guys working away. I’ve enjoyed watching the development grow out of the ground and have lots of pictures. I think the whole development process has been fascinating – from one guy in a JCB taking the old pub down to the gradual growth of the site overall, has been very interesting to watch. The guys I’ve spoken to have always been very helpful and understanding but I think it’s down a lot to the site manager Dave – he is the contact between the site and the neighbours.”